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The Daily Mail: 'Hardship Gap' Wider for NYS Working Families
June 21, 2008

Press and Sun-Bulletin
(NY): Helping Hands Are There When Working Poor Reach Out'
June 16, 2008

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
(NY): Report Says 'Anemic' Wages Affect 5.7 Million New Yorkers
June 13, 2008

Pulp Network (Public Utility Law Project of New York): Wages of 30% of New Yorkers Do Not Cover Minimum Needs
June 13, 2008

WENY-TV (ABC News): Report: NY Families Hurting
June 12, 2008

Ithaca Journal
: Report: A Third of NY Working Families Are Hurting
June 12, 2008

Working Life (Jonathan Tasini): If You Rely on Statistics, You Can't See How Bad It Is
May 22, 2008

The Oregonian
: What a New President Could Do for You
Dean Baker and Charles Sheketoff
May 15, 2008

News & Observer
(NC): Coming Up Short in North Carolina
Dean Baker and John Quinterno
May 2, 2008

Daily Record (OH): As If Things Weren't Depressing Enough
February 24, 2008

Spring Grove Herald (MN): Growth and Justice
January 22, 2008

(MN):Struggling to Make Work Work
November 19, 2007


MarketWatch: The 10 Worst Jobs in America
November 1, 2007


Boston Globe: When Wages Don't Pay the Bills
November 1, 2007


Machinists News Network: Bridging the Gap: Part One, Part Two
October 2007

The Star Tribune
: Bridge the Gap for the Working Poor
October 23, 2007


AlterNet: Millions of Americans in Economic Battle to Make Ends Meet
October 13, 2007


Seattle Post-Intelligencer: A Subsidy So Workers Can Start Winning
October 12, 2007 Tracing the Causes of Death for a Migrant Worker
October 12, 2007

This article was also published in the following news outlets:
Arizona Daily Star, October 12, 2007
Salem Statesman Journal (OR), November 8, 2007


Finfacts Ireland: One in Five Americans - Almost 41 Million - in Working Families, Struggling to Make Ends Meet
October 11, 2007


Working Life: The Struggles of the Working Poor
October 11, 2007


Asheville Citizen-Times (NC): Supports for Working Poor Fall Short in N.C.
October 11, 2007


Plain Dealer (OH): 41 Million Families Struggle Despite Government Programs
October 11, 2007


MarketWatch: Working Families Need Help to Afford the Basics
October 10, 2007

This article was also published in the following news outlets:
The Times Argus (VT), October 14, 2007
The Rutland Herald (VT), October 14, 2007